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Package Prices

Our pricing is based on vehicle size and is a starting price only. Prices may vary depending on the state of the vehicle and if additional work is required. This will be discussed with you prior to carrying out any work.
Our size guide can be located at the bottom of this page. Prices are subject to change.

Additional Services

Pet Hair Removal

Pricing From: $89.00

3 Stage Cut & polish 

Pricing From:  $299.00

Hood Lining Shampoo

Pricing From: $119.00

Headlight Restoration

Pricing From: $89.00

Engine Steam/Detailing 

Pricing From: $49.00

Quick Wash & Vac

Pricing From: $65.00

Exterior Wax/Hand Polish

Pricing From: $69.00

A/C Deodorizer

Pricing From: $39.00

Interior Seat Removal 

Pricing From: $49.00

Extra Dirty Exteriors 'Additional'

Pricing From: $29.00

Extra Dirty Interiors 'Additional'

Pricing From: $49.00

Extra Dirty Wheels 'Additional'

Pricing From: $29.00

Our detailers are fully trained and certified in the application of Duraseal products. Please note that pricing is an indication only and vehicles will require a full groom along with a 3 step cut & polish before application. This step will not be necessary for brand new vehicles and will only require a basic groom before application. For more information on the product please visit the below link or contact us to get a quote.  

Vehicle Size Chart

If uncertain as to which category your vehicle falls under, please contact us and we will let you know

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