Electric bikes are getting people back on bikes in large numbers. Commuters can now escape the traffic and arrive at work sweat-free. People who haven’t ridden for years are now enjoying the growing number of recreational cycling opportunities that New Zealand offers.

Whether you are after a commuter e-bike, a comfortable bike for the paths and trails, or a serious off-road mountain bike, our e-bike store will have something for you!

Check out our range below, and learn more about our E-Bike workshop, and Bike Accessories 

City and Commuter Electric Bikes

Whether it's beating the traffic, reducing environmental impact or getting exercise without the sweat, growing numbers of commuters are realising the benefits of getting out of cars and onto electric bikes.

Leisure and Trail Electric Bikes

From the Hauraki and Otago rail trails through to winding waterfront paths, New Zealand has so many opportunities to explore the outdoors on an e-bike.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sporting activities across New Zealand, and the electric revolution is here. Electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) open up new possibilites for riders wanting to make the most of their time on the track.

Shop Bike Accessories

Including bike racks, helmets, bags, bike care and more!

Bike Servicing

Our Bike Workshop services not just electric bikes, but all models of push bikes, and mountain bikes. 
Keep your bike in top condition to make the most of your riding experience!

Find out more about our bike workshop, and book a service today 


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