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The Old Man Emu brand has its roots firmly planted in off road racing and draws its name from the emu’s ability to maintain great stability when moving over uneven terrain at high speeds. From humble beginnings in 1976, ARB purchased the company in 1988 and has continued to develop and test the products in Australia’s harsh 4WD environments

*Note GVM Upgrades only available for select vehicles. Contact us for more info
*Re-certification required 

Why upgrade your suspension?

When a vehicle manufacturer designs a 4WD, they’re designing it for a mass market that has a variety of uses for that vehicle.

It may be a daily driver picking up kids from school and doing the grocery shopping, it could be a tradesman’s vehicle carrying a variety of tools and equipment, or it could be a touring vehicle towing a camper, caravan or boat.  Additionally, it could be a weekend warrior, tackling harder off road tracks and trails. Hours, weeks, months and even years have been spent developing and testing that vehicle and to be able to satisfy the varied uses, many aspects of the design of that vehicle become compromised.

A vehicle’s suspension system is one area that is compromised between the need to carry additional loads while retaining high levels of comfort and precise handling characteristics as expected in today’s modern vehicles.

Limitations of standard suspension

If you’re planning to drive your vehicle in its standard configuration, there’s nothing wrong with using factory supplied OE suspension.

Ultimately, the suspension has been designed to do a job and it will do so for many thousands of kilometres. However, if you are planning on modifying your 4WD with a range of accessories, plan to carry regular constant loads, tow a trailer or need more ground clearance for that off-road adventure, the O.E suspension on your vehicle may not necessarily be the best solution.


We are an authorised Old Man Emu Installer, and our team will advise you on the best set up to suit your driving and load carrying needs. Enter your details on our quote from and we will get in touch to discuss your suspension needs

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