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The all-new Kona N

Expanding the boundaries of performance

Kona N - Performance in a SUV

If you thought SUVs and fun driving don't go together, think again. This is N.

Built for versatility and performance, the all-new Hyundai Kona N is for explorers as much as driving enthusiasts. Whatever your adventure – the Kona N will bring the excitement.

Be ready to be stunned by the all-new Kona SUV, a compact high-performance ‘hot SUV’ that combines exhilarating performance with a balanced day-to-day driving experience.

Rooted in SUV values. Enhanced with motorsport DNA.

The all-new Kona N is a ‘hot SUV’, whose look clearly speaks about a powerful presence and driving fun. It combines the modern design of the award-winning Kona with the bold and dynamic language of N models.

The all-new Kona N brings the excitement of N to the SUV. N means more than the 206 kW flat power engine or the 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. It means performance features such as launch control, the N corner carving differential, and the N Grin Control System with five drive modes (including a customisable one). Experience them all, in any driving condition, and on all kinds of terrains.


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